Video Response vs. Comments

Video Response vs. Comments

Posted by InTheCaddy on 2022-06-20 07:48:48
See you in the comments section.

The history of a certain video channel used to allow video comments on your video. This is how I found so many new channels. This also created more tone in your conversation than you can do in a comment. Posting the video response made your response more human and generated more of a true conversation on your topic.

Today the comment sections do not allow video responses. I don't know the reason it stopped but it is a feature I truly miss. This is why VloggerVision was created. There is also something that has been going on for a while now that is truly annoying. You cannot post on a video without a reply to your comment saying you have been selected as the winner and to DM the account to get your prize. This just makes the comment section unusable. With the video responses this will be eliminated.

All the video channels have their own set of rules on content. If you disagree with a sites rules you really only have one choice, do not ost to their platform. However if you want to respond to them you have to follow their guidelines so you may not really be able to speak your mind. With VloggerVision you can create your video on any platform you like. Copy the embed code and upload to VloggerVision as a response. You only have to abide by the rules of the platform you are posting to and nothing else. Pick the platform with the rules you agree with most and you can use that to make your videos and you can respond to someone on a platform you don't necessarily agree with.

Our hopes are for VloggerVision to help content providers find a wider audience as well as generate a true conversation on a topic where everyone truly has the freedom of speech.

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