New Year Vlogger Resolutions

New Year Vlogger Resolutions

Posted by InTheCaddy on 2019-01-02 17:38:34


Well isn't everyone making new resolutions? So why not your vlogger with the vision. Time to make that resolution of more videos.

So you wanna be a vlogger but not sure the best way to get started. Well content is king so start making videos. What I found as the easiest way to get started is to film one day and upload the next. This gives you time to get your editing skills down before trying to go daily. Just make sure you keep your content non specific to the day you are filming. IF you are talking all about what you did today and make a mention to something specific you could end up with a video that is just late.

Make sure also to keep it short. Less editing time to start with. Remember to be a great vlogger it is the long term you have to focus on. You will find your voice and while you do that keep it simple.

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